(610) 775-3470 mfgofficer@mohnton.org
February 27, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Mohnton Fish and Game
100 Gun Club Rd
Mohnton, PA 19540
Jason Coyle

Come to the meeting – Stay for a beverage

I would really like to thank everyone for attending the last meeting. We
will open the meeting with a quick review from the last meeting and begin to
focus on the banquet preparations for July.

As part of the preparations, we will focus on each of our roles within the

That can be as simple as showing up the day of the event to help set up, or
taking on a deeper role within the Chapter and becoming an active Board
Member (this just means you get more beer…LOL).

A huge thank you to Heather Scheuring for stepping up to fill the vacant
Chapter Secretary position. We will discuss the vacant positions at our next
meeting on the 27th.

We are in dire need of someone, or a group of members, to coordinate Banquet
Sponsors, Raffle Donations, Raffle Underwritings and someone who might be
tech savvy to enter mail order registrations into our banquet registration
page (and this is super easy). These are just examples of what goes on
behind the closed doors leading into our banquet. I have held each of the
titles and would gladly assist anyone who is willing to step up to take the

And please do not let me scare you, these are super easy and really detail
as much as you want to put into it. The more help we have, the easier the
event will run.

Chapter Goals

I am definitely interested in your thoughts and goals for the Chapter.
Please feel free to email me any questions, suggestions or comments. As this
is my first year returning to taking an active position within the Chapter,
I want to focus on what each of you would like to see within the Chapter.
How can we improve as a Chapter to make an impact in Berks County?
Personally, I am here to help preserve the great sport of hunting for each
of my girls. To meet some people who share my same passion in the outdoors.
If I can help just one person to feel the same excitement as a longbeard is
walking down their barrel, to see the barrel shaking and hear their heart
beating out of their chest….I can guarantee you it will be something they
will pass onto their children, to their hunting buddies and their children.
I would love to strengthen our local youth events and reestablish our
outreach programs offered by the NWTF. How far we take this Chapter, is
really up to you.

This is not only a conservation organization, but a hunting network with
endless possibilities. I will have a signup sheet at the next meeting for
anyone who is interested in mentoring some new hunters or being mentored.
You might love to deer hunt but have never had the opportunity to go turkey
hunting. No matter the age, please sign up either yourself or your children
for some help in the woods this Spring.

We have some phenomenal turkey hunters within the Chapter with some
fantastic hunting grounds. Perhaps you have an area that is holding turkeys,
but have no idea how to call or hunt turkeys, we will put you with one of
our mentors.

The most important thing for me, is for you to enjoy coming to the meetings,
enjoy the people within the Chapter and look forward to attending the next
event. Moving forward the heart of the meetings should only last one hour.
If we can focus on a productive 60 minutes, we have the rest of the evening
to socialize and share some lies and photos from the past year.

I look forward to seeing each of you on the 27th.

Have a great weekend.

Jason Coyle
Reading Ridge Runners